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HOW TO: Rubik's Cube part 4 (OLL)

First half of last layer, coming up!

Orientation of the Last Layer (OLL) is the process of solving the last layer in which all the pieces of the top part will be of the same color.

After OLL is done

In this part of the tutorial, what I will be showing you is the top view, the side opposite of the base layer. As to what side of the cube you need to face when performing the algorithms, look at the image below.

Do the algorithm facing the side pointed by the arrow.

There are a lot of algorithms to memorize in OLL. The first one is called the 9-12. We call it 9-12 because it looks as if the hands of the clock are pointed to the 9 and 12. Take note that at this point, we don't need to mind the corners yet. As long as the edges appear like that in the images, you should do the 9-12 move. The name is pretty easy to remember too!

9-12: F U R U' R' F'

Another OLL to solve for the edges in called a straight line. And as you've guessed it, it is because there is a straight line!

Straight Line: F R U R' U' F'

The last one is called the dot. No need to explain why. The algorithm here is to either a 9-12 or a straight line. If you do either one of them, the resulting problem will be the other one! Try it for you to see.

Do either a Straight Line or A 9-12

Corner time! Meet your best friend, Fish. However, do not be fooled! Fish has a twin, and we will call him Fish Prime. To as why they are named fish, you know why. To easily remember what side of the cube to perform a Fish or a Fish' (read as Fish Prime), look for the yellow corner pointing to the head of the fish. I'm having a hard time in finding an easier to explanation so please look at the examples to easily understand.

Fish: R U R' U R U2 R'

Fish': L' U' L U' L' U'2 L

These fishes will be your friend through the rest of the OLL tutorials!

Tanks. Who doesn't love tanks? However, there's two of them.

Either a Fish or Fish' will do.

I suggest doing it on the side of your dominant hand to be much faster.

In the tank (let's call it tank away), if the yellow pieces are not pointing with the bazooka, do a Fish or Fish' on the side without the yellow.

Either do a Fish here or...

do a Fish Prime here.

I again suggest doing it with your dominant hand.

Eight, eight, eight, eight. Eight. Like the tank away, do a Fish or a Fish' on the side without the yellow.

Fish swimming area.

Territory of Fish'.

Last one is a cross! Two variants here again.

If it swims, it works. Fish or Fish' represent!

We'll call this one a wheelbarrow. I don't know for sure why it is called that but that's what they call it. The pattern of tank away or eight doesn't apply here. This time, perform a fish to where the yellow is. Take note that do this only on the face where there is a single yellow corner piece.

Fishy fish fish.

Fish' your way here if this is your dominant hand.

And that is it! It is quite a lot but you only need to perform a fish or a fish' here. What you need to memorize is to where to perform it. Easy I would say. Practice is the best way to memorize! Muscles memorize algorithms better than the mind.

Let me know if you are following this tutorial! Comment down below if you have any suggestion on how to improve my blog or writing! :)

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