About Me

Hi! Good day to you!

I am just an undergraduate student.

I am currently a second year BS Mechanical Engineering Student. I started blogging because I believe blogging would help me improve writing.

I have always hated writing. Not because I really "hated" it, but because I never seem to be contented with what I write. Every time I read what I wrote, a sense of disappointment and frustration comes to me. It maybe because I just really write bad but who knows, I maybe good at it, it's just that I see my works negatively.

But these things are about to change, I hope. I started this blog just to hone my skills in writing. But those things won't be happening without your help. If you are reading this now, I sincerely wish that you would take your time in reading my article. It may not be much for you but it will mean a lot to me.

I'm always frustrated with my works, including art, singing, dancing, playing instrument and most off all writing. I'm taking one step at a time. And I will be lucky to have you accompany me to this journey. :)

Would you like to know more? Add me on Facebook! :) Be sure to just message me and tell me a little about yourself so we'll be friends right away. :)

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